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A programmer since 2008, with programming language: Rust, C#, Python, NodeJS and others

Might be somebody, but is nobody

Open source projects

crates.io docs build license
EIP&CIP client in pure Rust, for generic CIP and AB PLC

crates.io docs build license
A framework independent animation library for rust, works nicely with Iced and the others.

Crates.io Documentation Test and Build License
Iced backend for Plotters

plctag-rs - https://github.com/Joylei/plctag-rs
crates.io docs build license
a rust wrapper for libplctag, with rust style APIs and useful extensions.

ejdb2-rs - https://github.com/Joylei/ejdb2-rs
ejdb2 rust binding

qute - https://github.com/Joylei/qute
QNAP device control for ITE8528 written with rust, especially for TS-453B mini

NFly.BitsTransfer - https://github.com/Joylei/NFly.BitsTransfer
A .Net wrapper library for Windows Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS)

riot-format - https://github.com/Joylei/riot-format
a helper library for riotjs to format displays

riot-bulma - https://github.com/Joylei/riot-bulma
combine RIOT and Bulma to a super weapon